Re-Register to Process Your Application

ATTENTION: If you are a PA homeowner who has applied and registered for PAHAF assistance and you are facing an adverse action such as foreclosure, sheriff sale, or utility shut off, please make sure your application notes that action and notify the PAHAF Call Center immediately at 888-987-2423 so that the program can prioritize your application, determine eligibility and disburse approved funds that may prevent the action.

All PAHAF applicants must re-register in PHFA’s Neighborly system to review and, if needed, update their application information. It’s important to understand that you do not need to reapply to the program, but applications cannot be processed until this re-registration step is taken. Please take a few minutes to re-register and review your information. There are two ways for you to complete this step.

Option 1: Re-Register Online

Step 1

Review the Getting Started guide (PDF) for directions on how to access PAHAF’s Neighborly system. You will be required to register with the email address used in your original PAHAF application. 

Step 2

Once registered, log in and access your application

Step 3

Review your application information and update your information, as needed. Please answer any incomplete questions. As you review and update your application, please save each section and then select “Complete and Continue.”

Step 4

In the Documents section, complete the Third-Party Authorization (TPA) form.   

You may see that some required documents have not been uploaded. You are not required to upload documentation in order to submit your application. Once your application has been selected for processing, your case manager will migrate all documents previously submitted. You will be notified if more information is needed at that time.

Step 5

When you have reviewed all application sections, proceed to the Submit sectionRead the Terms and Conditions and sign the application. Once you (and any co-applicant) have signed the application, please save the section. Select “Complete and Submit.”  This step will place your application in line for processing.   

Option 2: Contact the PAHAF Call Center

Contact the PAHAF Call Center at 888-987-2423, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Our staff can assist you by phone in re-registering and reviewing your application.

After you complete the re-registration process, your application will move forward for processing. As a reminder, applications are processed in an order of priority that’s based on the greatest threat to displacement or loss of service, followed by application date (beginning with the oldest).

Once you are re-registered in the Neighborly system, you will also be able to easily access your application to check on its status. It will provide detailed information on your application’s status so you’ll know where it stands in the process.

If you have questions about re-registering or accessing the Neighborly system, please contact the PAHAF call center at 888-987-2423 (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.).