Pennsylvania Homeowner Assistance Fund

PAHAF has reopened and is accepting applications.

The reopening of the PAHAF program has now received new applications requesting in excess of $50 million, the amount expected available to new applicants. PAHAF will continue to accept new applications, but their status will automatically be “Application on Pause” and will NOT be reviewed. If an application status is “Application on Pause,” and the applicant receives an imminent adverse actions (IAA) such as notification of foreclosure, sheriff sale, or utility shut-off, PAHAF can provide a referral to a housing counseling agency or legal service provider for assistance.

If additional funds become available, the paused applications will be continually moved to “Application Submitted” and processed in the order of IAA and date submitted. Applicants will receive an email notification if their applications move to “Application Submitted” status.

If applicants have additional questions, reach out to PAHAF at or contact the call center at 1-888-987-2423.

For Immediate Assistance

If you are a homeowner and need immediate assistance, we recommend that you contact your mortgage servicer to explore loss mitigation options that can provide you with a more immediate solution. You can also contact our partners at the Housing Counseling Agencies by clicking on the link below.

Community Partners, Lenders & Servicers

Find resources available for PAHAF community partners, service providers and mortgage lenders

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